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For over 65 years, GCSA has supported students in underserved New York City communities so they can achieve their academic goals and career dreams. We help high school students explore their personal goals and assist them in preparing and applying to the postsecondary programs of their choice. To support students in their journey, each is matched with a professional mentor from one of our partner organizations. Upon graduation, students enrolled in GCSA’s program are provided a scholarship to help alleviate the financial burdens of pursuing higher education.




GCSA develops and maintains meaningful, consistent relationships between NYC students, staff, and volunteer mentors from the professional community. Our mentoring curriculum provides students with innovative guidance and exposure to college and career resources as they explore their lives beyond high school. The GCSA community becomes a second family whose support never ends.

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In addition to our mentoring program, GCSA awards scholarships to all participating students as stipends of approximately $9,000 across their post-secondary education. GCSA offers underserved high-school students a chance to set goals, dream big, and build a bright future, knowing that they have a reliable support system in place.

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