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GCSA Mentorship partners ensure the success of our program and our students with a commitment of staff to serve as mentors and a financial investment to help offset program costs. Our partners engage volunteer employee mentors, hold both in-person and online workshops, and participate in sponsorships of individual students, classes, or schools.

The Power of Mentoring

The difference a mentor can make in a young person’s life is extraordinary and measurable. Underserved students with mentors are:


More likely to volunteer regularly in their communities


More likely to hold a leadership position in a club, sports team, school council, or other groups


More likely to go to college


More likely to participate in sports or extracurricular activities

  Partnership Benefits Include:


  • Opportunity to engage employees through an enriching mentor experience

  • Recognition on GCSA’s Website

  • Promotion of the partnership on social media

  • Recognition in GCSA’s Annual Report and Newsletters

  • Participation and recognition at semi-annual events

Interested in becoming a partner?

Becoming a Partner
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